Pastor David Haugly has been serving Faith Lutheran Church since 1989 when the congregation increased its pastoral staff from one to two pastors. Partnership in the ministry with the members of Faith and other called workers is a blessing that Pastor Haugly has enjoyed for many years during his ministry. Sharing many of the pastoral duties such as preaching, teaching and counseling with his partners, Pastor Parsons and Pastor Weigand, Pastor Haugly also serves in the areas of administration, the Board of Elders and the Board of Property Management.

Lovers of the outdoors, Pastor Haugly and his family (wife, Sheri and children Michael, Sarah, Daniel and Rachel) enjoy summer-time recreation and every kind of water activity from fishing to water skiing.





Pastor Mike Weigand has been serving at Faith Lutheran Church since 2008. He served previously at Peace Lutheran Church in Holiday Florida. He and his wife Cindy have 2 children. Pastor Weigand's areas of emphasis are adult spiritual growth, worship, and outreach.

The Weigands enjoy a wide variety of activities including wood working, sports, outdoor adventures, music, and everything in between. Most of all they enjoy spending time with people.





Pastor Mark Parsons has been serving at Faith Lutheran Church since 2014. He served previously at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Port Charlotte, Florida. He and his wife Molly have 3 children. Pastor Parsons' areas of emphasis at Faith are school, youth, teen and family ministry.

The Parsons enjoy a wide variety of activities including softball, tennis and vollyball and finding weekend adventures for the whole family. Pastor Parsons sheepishly admits that Saturday morning "dance parties" with his children are often one of the highlights of his week. He and Molly cherish the time they have together to watch good movies and television that connect to the problems that we all face as human beings.